Special LOP Email Addresses

Since Lake of the Pines is a volunteer-driven community, a number of topic-specific email addresses have been established that are set to forward to the relevant volunteer(s). They are:

[email protected] - to report violations of the LOP website community standards (e.g. inappropriate forum posts)

[email protected] - Architectural Control Committee

[email protected] - chairperson of the Architectural Control Committee (for submitting forms)

[email protected] - HOA Board of Directors

[email protected] - current HOA Board president

[email protected] - boating-related matters

[email protected] - Welcome and Care Committee

[email protected] - Caretaker

[email protected] - matters pertaining to gate codes and access

[email protected] - used to cancel beach reservations (use the Beach Reservation Request menu link to request one)

[email protected] - Safety Committee (wildfire concerns, security issues, etc.)

[email protected] - Secretary of the HOA Board

[email protected] - webmaster