Website Community Standards

The Lake of the Pines website, found at, is intended as a multifaceted informational resource for residents and others associated with the community. The site holds current copies of corporate documents such as HOA bylaws, Board communications and financial reports, as well as the master directory of residents and other resources of interest to residents.

Through its various discussion forums, the site also provides a vehicle for residents to exchange views and information on topics affecting LOP, from fire mitigation to wildlife sightings, road conditions to advice on avoiding invasive plants. Access to the discussion forums is open to all registered website users.

In order to keep the forums constructive, civil and welcoming to all, the Board asks that users limit their posts and comments to topics directly pertaining to Lake of the Pines and issues that affect community members in their role as LOP residents. In particular, users should refrain from discussing politics, religion and other issues that may be personal passions but do not pertain directly to Lake of the Pines.

The website forums also may not be used for promoting commercial ventures or businesses. There is a dedicated forum for free Classified ads, and the Board reserves the option to allow listings of properties for sale, but residents may not advertise businesses with which they are affiliated.

Some examples of acceptable forum topics are:

  • Wildlife sightings
  • Winter driving conditions
  • Challenges in obtaining homeowner insurance for foothills properties
  • Property tax issues
  • Zoning or land use applications that might affect LOP property values or quality of life
  • Board actions currently under consideration
  • Welcome messages directed to new residents
  • Plans for community events such as homeowner meetings and holiday parties

Examples of unacceptable topics:

  • Political controversies or candidate information
  • Ballot initiatives and referenda (unless they have a direct bearing on community members in their role as LOP residents)
  • Religious beliefs
  • Ad hominem remarks regarding specific community members
  • Comments containing profanity, slurs, sexual content or hate speech

The Board believes these standards to be both reasonable and in keeping with community standards observed by similar websites. While the expectation is that members will consider them whenever they post to the forums, the Board will direct the webmaster to remove any content deemed in violation of these standards. In the case of repeated violations, a resident’s access to the forums and/or the LOP website may be terminated after fair warning. To report website activity that you believe to be inconsistent with these standards, please email [email protected].

The Board appreciates everyone’s diligence and good efforts toward keeping our website open, useful and enjoyable for all!

Approved in July, 2019 by the Lake of the Pines Homeowners Association Board of Directors